Get yer heli bumps @timberlinelodge.



One response to “Get yer heli bumps @timberlinelodge.

  1. While they’re at it they might as well ferry lazy asses to the top of Helens, Adams, Goat Rocks and Rainier dropping bombs along their merry way. No wait, Timberline already ferries the high fructose corn syrup, chest-thumping, Monster guzzling set up the Palmer(Talk about a waste of antique snowcats!) and Meadows overcompensates for its-ahem-inadequacies with a howitzer in an incongruous castlelike structure that could comfortably house one-fifth the population of Borneo.

    Do you yanks actually WALK or RIDE uphill anymore?! And you wonder why euros laugh in your faces whilst painfully polite canuks do so only once they’ve cashed your checks and you’ve knee-walked out of the bar.

    Hey, here’s something that will sell and divert the tree huggers’ steely gaze from Mt. Sodium Chloride(aka Wy’east aka Mt. Hood): a three for the price of one dealio. Give the full metal jack ass mountain bikers, most of whom likely couldn’t huff ‘n puff their sorry selves and engineless motorigs halfway up Buck Hill-Go ahead, Google it if you haven’t already. But first we’ll give you a hint as you probably need all the help you can get: it’s a pimple on the ass of Minnesota which is a state near the middle of the States with a shitload of lakes up top-the uphill lift access they whine ceaselessly and annoyingly on and on about.

    But we digress as we are wont to do. It’s beer-thirty. We’re trout. And…We. Are. Out. Calling Dr. Professor Edward Abbey. Hayduke?!

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