Found some nice snow today. @hatfieldpdx #onhood

We found some great snow in the trees between 4,500 and 6,000 ft. Starting the day in Govy with thumbs out always means a fun bonus descent at the end of a tour. By 2pm the snow lower down manked up some at which point we beat a retreat to Govy for beers and some American football at Snowrider’s Govy branch. Thanks as always Lendog for your hospitality when we sweaty and disheveled dirtbags pound on your door.
The new snow means good things for skiers and boarders but also for local businesses and their hardworking employees. People whose hours have been curtailed due to a lack of snow recently hopefully will have their normal workloads and paychecks back.

Gotta quick ride up Timberline Rd. w/ @hatfieldpdx and his bro.

via tweetie

Wy'east Telellel Fluffernutter. Today we found welcome wonderous snow in some Mt. Hood Wilderness old growth. Telellel is an expression for a telemark skier who makes parallel turns. #onhood

Boom. Crash. Lawn dart.


5 responses to “Found some nice snow today. @hatfieldpdx #onhood

  1. Rando Ron- Yes. The good fellow in the last photo is known in these parts as ‘Bart the human lawn dart’ or BHLD if you’re into acronyms. Here Bart demonstrates the unanticipated side effects of raising two young children. Bart’s an inveterate degenerate and telemark lifer. As the saying goes: “Half the binding. Twice the man.”

  2. Hey, if it weren’t for tele junkshows when would the rest of us get a chance to stop, take in the scenery and get a bite of an energy bar?

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