Skiing In The Shadow Of Genghis Khan – Timeless Skiers of the Altai


The Snowrider Project is pleased to announce it will host a fundraiser and showing of Nils Larsen‘s documentary, Skiing In The Shadow Of Genghis Khan – Timeless Skiers of the Altai ,  Thursday, December 4, 2008 at the offices of Wend Magazine located at 1847 E. Burnside St. in Portland. Doors will open at 6:15pm and the film will start at 7pm. Tickets will be available only at the door the evening of the show for $10. DVD’s of the film will be available for purchase from Nils directly. Terminal Gravity Brewing of Enterprise, Oregon is the evening’s official malted beverage sponsor. We hope to see you there!

Ski ya later,

The Snowrider Project


In 2005 Nils Larsen, Dave Waag, and Naheed Henderson journeyed to the Altai Mountains of NW China to document the indigenous use of skis. Nils followed this first trip with two additional trips into this remote region and what he found was a rich culture that still builds and uses skis in ways that date back thousands of years. ‘Skiing in the Shadow of Genghis Khan’ takes you on a tour of both place and people, showing you how they build and use this ancient style of skis as well as live in this harsh but beautiful part of our world.

Running Time: Approx. 49 minutes

Filmmaker Bio:

Nils Larsen lives in Curlew WA located in the mountainous northeast part of the state near the BC border. He works as a consultant in the ski industry, with a focus on backcountry skis and equipment as well as teaching freeheel skiing and backcountry skills around the country. He has produced 3 previous films about backcountry skiing and has skied in remote ranges around the world.
In 2004 Nils developed a keen interest in researching the possible roots of skiing in Central Asia as well as documenting the remnant use of traditional skis in this part of the world. He has traveled to the region four times, three in the winter. He is continuing his research into the ancient roots of skiing in the Central Asia/ Siberia region.



3 responses to “Skiing In The Shadow Of Genghis Khan – Timeless Skiers of the Altai

  1. Nils Larsen’s documentary “Skiing in the shadow of Genghis Khan” is a hauntingly beautiful movie about the farm people in
    the remote Altai mountains enjoying skiing on primitive homee made skis. The photography is superb, the scenery is awesome, and the mountain people delightful. We got it for Christmas and have seen it three times already, sharing it with our cross-county skiing friends. Thank you.

  2. I see that my mom was the last one to comment on the movie. Yes, we gave it to them for xmas and we love it too. I have just ordered another one for us to share with our friends. What I found so refreshing was that it was not a movie about the highest climb or the tragedy of some adventure, it was pure recreational enjoyment of the outdoors and on skis in a remote beautiful place where people live at peace with one another in their natural environment. Watching them make the skis was inspiring. And it was funny to boot. That young boy on on the Betty’s going straight downhill was hysterical. The footage of the horses pulling the sleds with the passengers singing and enjoying the ride were priceless as well. That added so much to the film. Thank you!

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