Mt. Hood Ski Bowl [mountain cleanup] Saturday, July 26


Late notice is better than no notice! Last week Mt. Hood Ski Bowl confirmed the plan for a Mt. Hood Ski Bowl cleanup THIS Saturday, July 26. Arrive at 10am and the lifts open at 11am so people can start from the top and walk on down the mountain trash bags in hand. You NEVER know what you will find beneath a chairlift! Please bring friends and/or family as this is a family friendly event. We will be sharing cleanup duties with a boy scout troop or two we’re told.

Fire smoke or no the views from the top of ‘da Bowl’ are always pleasing. He or she who finds the most cell phones wins a Snowrider t-shirt.  The good folks at ‘da Bowl’ will provide a low brow bbq ‘n soda pop deal in the afternoon. If you tastes veer towards the high brow by all means bring your own grillables and something to keep them cool with.

If you have any questions of would like to carpool please call the Snowrider point person Eric Jeffcoat at 503.806.4796 or eri[at]

 You can also contact Troy Fischer at Ski Bowl at 503.314.0959 or tfischer[at]

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