Comments to the Forest Service on Mt. Hood Meadows’ Howitzer Proposal

Yesterday we submitted these comments to Kevin Slagle of the Hood River Forest Service office:


Dear Mr. Slagle, 


We oppose the Mt. Hood Meadows (MHM) Howitzer Proposal in its current form on several grounds: 


1) We question the appropriateness of Categorical Exclusion for the temporary road and construction of the weapon platform and storage facility within eyesite of the Timberline Trail.  


2) As backcountry skiers and climbers we are extremely concerned with potential and likely transboundary effects howitzer shells will have on Wilderness including Wy’East face and along Pea Gravel Ridge. Will the entire mountain be in effect ‘closed’ to climbing when MHM chooses to control Superbowl and Pea Gravel Ridge? 


3)This entire process has happened too quickly without a proper time period for due dilligence, public comment and environmental analysis. 


We respect the need to ensure the safety of MHM ski operations personnel and ski area visitors. However, we feel that the scoping process needs to better and more thoroughly address the safety and historical uses of all users of the wilderness adjacent to MHM’s permit area.




Oregon Snowrider Project 


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