Mt. Hood Meadows Howitzer Scoping Notice

A friend forwarded the Mt. Hood Meadows scoping notice to us yesterday. We have until April 30, 2008 to issue comments. Please let your thoughts be known by spreading this post and contacting the Forest Service in Hood River. Click the following url to view the scoping notice:


To learn more about a ‘scoping notice’ please read this informative Wikipedia page.


One response to “Mt. Hood Meadows Howitzer Scoping Notice

  1. Anyone who cares about the mountain and the safety of climbers, backcountry skiers and rescue personnel needs to send their comments to the Forest Service asap by the April 30th deadline. The notion that the FS and Meadows think they can fast track a final decision by June 2008 is ridiculous when no information has been provided to the public by these parties yet about when and how often Meadows would be permitted to fire the Howitzer, what precautions they will take to avoid firing into the wilderness boundary and what safety precautions they will have in place for both those operating the weapon and other users of the mountain.

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